Guitar Club Trademark has 17 years as a school and store and now in 2016 founded F.Rios Entertainments.  

In 2017 F. Rios Entertainments plans to take on the musical production of Barzin Rio Live with the Ipanema Bossa Jazz Project and to perform in some segments (Bossa, Jazz, National Rock with major artists, MPB musicians, Festivals of Bands Autorais , Brazilian Instrumental Music and Corporate Parties).


F.Rios Entertainments counts as an Audio and Video Producer, in addition to other projects and has as partners:


Marcelo Muller - Yes Movies

Creation of contents of videos relevant to the web, TV programs, advertising and other contents, generating connection between clients and company. Yes Movies will be responsible for producing video clips for bands and artists of the upcoming GC Records.

Bernardo Leitão - M2BR

A group focused on integrated communication, which tracks trends, learns and teaches, renews concepts and produces new ones. In the digital marketing market since 1999 and in 2015, it won the award for Best Digital Social Media Agency at the e-Show Awards.


Mara Bastos

Certified by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA- UK) in Business Development for the Creative Economy. Consultancy in Project Management of the Creative Economy and the Third Sector. Mara Bastos specializes in Planning and Management of Culture Projects and will take care of artistic production and relationship with casting.  


Carlos Guinle

Technical production, stage assembly including PA operation (FOH) and monitor. All aspects involving the technical part, before during and after the shows ¬ Load¬in, operation and Load¬out. General stage direction: tracks + external stage.

Caetano Salles

Master in Music by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), professor of music technology and distance tutor in the undergraduate music course at the University of Brasília (UNB). Founder of the distance learning Portal  And work at F. Rios Entertainments as music producer, engineer, sound designer and developer of online distance learning and entertainment systems (web radio Paradise & web radio Ipanema Bossa Jazz).


Board of Directors F.Rios Entertainment:  


Gilberto Lemos

Business Analyst & Franchise Manager Franchise Manager Guitar Club & Paradise Garage


Daniel Rios

Business, financial and legal controller


Fred Rios

Director of GC entertainments and Executive and Artistic Producer Manager of the fundraising team by the Rouanet Law.


Mission F. Rios Entertainment

Objectives of the Company:


• Creation of relevant content for Web (audio, video and graphic)

• Fred Rios Musical Production of Artists (GC Records)

• Fred Rios Artistic Direction & Executive Direction of:  

National and International Paradise Garage Shows

Guitar Club Rock Festival

• GC Jazz & Blues Festival

• Barzin Rio Live National & International Shows

• GUITAR CLUB Studio Recording & Mastering

Recording, recording, mixing, mastering, arranging music for artists

• Production of Corporate Video Clips & Videos (Institutional)

• Ipanema Bossa Jazz Music Program (web and cable TV);

• Rock Guitar Club program at Paradise Garage (web and cable tv)

• Fashion Fashion Rock Guitar Club / Paradise

• Digital marketing and branding for artists;

• Master Franchising Manager: Guitar Club & Paradise Garage

• Management and Branding of the Ipanema Bossa Jazz brand